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Brendan Fraser Fans
For All Fans of Brendan and His Work
17th-Mar-2008 04:59 pm(no subject)
About the tattoos in The Mummys Return.
23rd-Feb-2008 06:10 pm - io9 review from WonderCon

Journey 3D sneak-peek review.

We can look forward to a pretty simple storyline and all the special effects anyone could want with this one, folks. (Click the picture or link to read the review at io9.)

(Me, I'm putting my money on Inkheart later on...)

The guys at io9 also attended a panel at WonderCon with Bren and a few of the other creators of Journey 3D. Click here to read some Fraser quotes about the movie and about his career.
From The Hollywood Reporter:

Fraser set for ShoWest salute
By Carl DiOrio

Jan 29, 2008

Brendan Fraser, who stars in the upcoming "Journey 3-D" from New Line and Walden Media, will receive a Distinguished Decade Film Award at ShoWest 2008.

Fraser, who also will star in the 2009 New Line fantasy film "Inkheart," will be feted at the confab's closing-awards gala. ShoWest is set to run March 10-13 at the Bally's and Paris hotels in Las Vegas.

"From his roles in action-packed blockbusters like 'The Mummy,' 'The Mummy Returns' and 'George of the Jungle' to his critically acclaimed roles in such independent films as 'Crash' and 'Gods and Monsters,' Fraser has delivered many inspirational performances over the past decade," ShoWest co-managing director Mitch Neuhauser said.

A third Fraser-toplined installment in Universal's "Mummy" franchise -- "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" -- is set for release Aug. 1.

"Journey 3-D" was directed by veteran VFX supervisor Eric Brevig and is set for release July 11.

ShoWest is produced by the Nielsen Co., parent company of The Hollywood Reporter.

Yay! It's wonderful to see his work held up as a consistent standard!
14th-Jan-2008 07:43 pm - Mummy Banners
 Hey...well here are some more mummy banners i thought i would share! Feedback would be great!
Also special Thanks to Ariane for the caps! Appreciate it! 

You can do what you want with them! 
Comment please!  Thanks!   Love the site! Bren is great!
28th-Dec-2007 11:23 pm - Divorcing
Oh, Bren.

I'm stunned. And I truly feel for them both. I know it's difficult. Geez, imagine having the magnifying glass of fame on you through something like that. ugh.
11th-Dec-2007 12:06 pm - Mummy Wrapped
Have you checked out Rob Cohen's Mummy Blog yet?

Here's a quote from his most recent entry about wrapping up filming on Mummy 3: "Brendan is a true talent on many levels and I truly believe you are going to embrace this new Rick O’Connell with an even greater passion than you now feel. Just a hunch."

Squee! I'm so ready. But of course, now comes the special effects and editing and post-production... but I'll be ready later, too.
1st-Dec-2007 02:22 pm - Inkheart
Oh honey.

This is really going to be good.
10th-Oct-2007 10:53 am - Brendan behind the scenes video
I just found this. If you go to this page and look to the left for a list of videos, there's a clip about Bren's work on Mummy 3... obviously having fun. :)

ehehehee. He's so cute.

It amuses me to no end that he's supposed to have aged 20+ years since the first Mummy movie, which came out 8 years ago. I know that Hollywood doesn't really care much about age, but still. His kid is born and reaches 20 in the space of 8 years, so now Brendan (who is 38) is supposed to be in his 50s or 60s and retired--and yet has the exact same hair. *chuckle*

I KNOW I KNOW. It's a series of movies about CGI mummies coming back to life and wreaking havoc on the planet, and THIS what I struggle with: that his hair hasn't changed in more than two decades.
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